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WOM Collective:

29 October 2021 – 12 November 2021 

We are in the beginning of the age of Aquarius, Air sign ruled by Uranus, which evokes a spirit of unity and oneness. This influence translates into unconventional innovations, and humanitarian ideals that serve the greater good. – (Goddess Wisdom by Tanishka) 

ArtSect Gallery presents Goddesses of the Future, an exhibition by the WOM Collective: Carleen de Sozër, Lours, Elno, Lespleen, Vane MG, Maria Linares Freire, Sweetheart, 7th Pencil, Damitta, Apparan, Mar & Levi Naidu-Mitchell, curated by Aude Landrieu and the founders of Wom Collective. 

Goddesses of the Future merges two worlds, both the physical and the digital, creating an unique and immersive show that creates an awareness for the future, fostering new and impactful conversations regarding how we connect with current environments and with each other. 

How do you envision the Goddess figures in 300 years? 

Built and designed by Typeone



Wom is a grassroots collective of London based female street artists passionate about inspiring and empowering each other and our communities. Wom create a space and opportunities for artists to perform, exhibit and sell their artwork. 

This collective is dedicated to empowering HER-story through creative expression, bringing opportunities for meaningful human connection, joy and positivity.


TYPEONE is a London based interactive technology company, building immersive experiences in real life and virtual worlds. Typeone Realities creates virtual spaces. We find ourselves in a space and time where digital seems to be our definite future.

Art Installation: James Kennelly (@renegadefabricators) 

Digital Design: 

Music and Sound Design: MAYA. 

Opening night: Live Music by Tash (@tash_creates_)


ELNO (Co-founder) 


Elena Gonzalez Nieto also known as ELNO, is a Spanish visual artist based in London since 2014. Covering a broad range of artistic styles & techniques, Street Artist, Illustrator / Painter and co-founder of the Wom Collective, a female street art collective that puts great emphasis on empowering Women & Connecting and inspiring communities through art. Curating various events, exhibitions & paint jams that all put great focus on sharing and inspiring the community. Her style has evolved & developed from a multitude of background influences ranging from living experiences in European Cities such as Paris& Barcelona, working experiences within the theatre / Film industry to her interest in self development, spirituality and the natural world. 


LOURS (Co-founder) 


LOURS is a multifaceted urban, digital, and studio artist with roots in graffiti muralism and theatrical performance. She shares her inner world with the intention of making people smile and touching the hearts of fellow human beings. Her illegal graffiti practice began over 20 years ago, and her creative work evolved into art direction, specialising in costume and stage design. Upon moving from Madrid to London, the vibrant British graffiti and street art scene deeply influenced LOURS as an artist, as she discovered new skills, techniques, and people that refined her practice. 

LOURS focuses on the surreal-realist style of painting, and is inspired by her experiences, whether they are strongly felt emotions or the contrast of the sky. Subject matter may be someone whom she appreciates, or a reason for complaint. Painting is her method of 

communication with the world.

CARLEEN DE SÖZER (Co-founder) 


Carleen De Sözer born in Birmingham, England in the late seventies her only destination was to live the life of an artist. Carleen De Sözer has become one of London’s most skilled and diverse street artists. calling herself a professional artist since 2000 and a professional street artist since 2015. Carleen’s distinct style can be seen all across London. Her most notable street art pieces are her Golden Era wall “Hip Hop Raised Me” and other notable walls such “Grime Lords” “Golden Goddess” and “You Have The Keys”. 


A long time ago, Mar was involved in the art world following the passion for Fashion. After becoming a Civil Engineer and working on different projects related to interior design, construction, infrastructures, aviation as a Flight attendant, Mar’s childhood dream came true and she starts her Art Fashion Journey. Travelling, flying, learning different languages and cultures, obsessed with Earth’s landscape and nature, connecting more with our planet and Space, getting in love with Street Art&Graffiti, Mar was inspired to create her own Art World. Spirit including very futuristic look, abstractive shapes, extraordinary colours, freedom and soft feminine feeling. Mar’s message is to that person who can accept the imperfection in everything but at the same time to find the beauty, unique and pure sense on it. Following that message, Mar’s purpose is to expand her art expression showing vision that could be trendy on any planet of our mysterious Cosmos. 

Mar Manifesto: Open your Heart! Connect with the Nature deeply! Value every single piece on Earth and respect every Star on the Sky! Be Light! Be Soft, Smooth and Strength like Water! Mar in Spanish means (sea) equivalent a water! 



7th Pencil is a stencil artist from Oxfordshire her painting style is a combination of graphic images, patterns, often bright colours and many layers. Attention grabbing and vivid. 


Building stencils from collated photography that create a sense of being overwhelmed. These compositions, layered often create an intense vision of the subject from the artist point of view. The works explore female empowerment aswell as mental health issues such as confusion in feeling overwhelming emotion, dealing with human connections and what expressions can say to individuals viewing them. 

Fascinated with the spray cans left over from huge artworks she makes physical and digital explorations using these usually discarded crushed items as symbols. Representing freedom and liberation of someone oppressed, stereotyped and discarded. 

Hiss release, Soul releases, Solace, Release, Aero Soul.



'Lespleen is a Mediterranean born Visual Artist and Muralist. She see the purpose of her work as an unconventional approach to the deep meaning of ‘life’ (as the whole). She explores the feminine figures of dark goddesses who fight relentlessly to protect their environment from the brutal exploitation of human beings. Protectors, lovers, warriors and charismatic figures. The psychedelic and futuristic culture influences her approach to reflect and share deep observations on a current state of humanity. 

With her art she tries to open a portal to evolution for the actualisation of the higher self. She uses a lot of alchemical symbol to open a gate between the past, the present and the future. She hopes that her art will inspire more people to look beyond what they see and evolve in who they truly are. 




Sweetheart is an emerging street artist from The Midlands with a background in photography and digital imaging, currently developing her practice in spray paint and acrylics. Working in seasonal colours and taking inspiration from nature and urban arts; she uses the form of the heart as motif to share the mindful message - be sweet. 




The Carnivalesque, its dynamism as an artistic medium and the plethora of ways it can be translated as a tool for positive elevation, are all at the heart of my practice. Designing and making costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival has simultaneously expanded the understanding of my ancestry, the vast depth to a medium and ultimately my creative direction. When I utilise wire, it becomes an extension of my limbs; when moulding clay, I shape as though sculpting energy; when I blend colours, the palette becomes a lens that is my new sight. 

Alongside my artistry, I work with young people and see the two entities as one in the same - art is a way of seeing, as is the experience of growing from a child to adulthood; for the past 7 years it has been an essential part of the way I work, to always consider the next generation and the legacy that we produce through our art. 



Vane MG is an artist and designer from Colombia based in London. Her works include street art, digital illustration and painting and she has had the opportunity to work with many renowned institutions around the UK including prestigious places such as Kew Gardens and the Welcome Collection Museum. Her work is characterised by neon colours and includes elements of her Colombian roots, often a wind vane in her artwork is how you can recognise her pieces. Vane as in the wind vane (Pinwheel) is how her street artist name is pronounced.



Damitta is an Spanish artist focused on females figures. By using different mediums such as spray, acrylic and oil....She always work with colours to create various atmospheres with more relevant shapes of contrast and light. Red her favourite colour always in her palette, who represent the passion, the strength and the power of the woman. 




Inventing a world with no limits or troubles, where everything is beautiful, vibrant and symmetric. Fine arts, muralism, photography and digital media are Maria’s way of self expression. Science, Science Fiction, Ancient History, the Entanglement of Love and the geometrical qualities hidden in nature are her constant inspiration. 




Apparan is a London based artist from the Canary Islands. She deals with social issues such as climate change and gender equality in her art. Her murals usually depict current women's issues and struggles as well as female empowerment. She believes that women can join forces to educate others by using positive energy and love to succeed in their search for equality. 

She is a member of different art collectives through which she has built up an impressive network of many different artists from around the world. 

She has participated in several collective exhibitions organised by WOM Collective and numerous graffiti paint jams in London. She has also organised and curated several art shows and founded The Art House Project, which brings house music and underground art together in various London venues.