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Web3 Creative Triangle △

For DAOs to elevate their impact from value capture to value creation, they must evolve their role beyond collectors. While there are many directions DAOs will take, creating sustainable model's that benefits all stakeholders (the DAO, artists, and the community at large):

With our networks, resources, and capital, Arts and Culture DAOs have an opportunity to reclaim and re-align the role of creator & curator in society. Together we are positioned to reclaim our culture from gatekeeping institutions, algorithms, and re-align creative industry ideals nurturing a diverse and experimental ideas.

How can I join?

1. #ReGen 🌱

Our patrons and $ArtSect token holders support the DAO's activities through multiple processes, as detailed in the Governance chapter. Ensuring growth through the Web3 sustainability loop, we provide our supporters with incentivisation balanced with the longevity of the arts & curation community.

2. #Artist

Being the central driving powerhouse in the Decentralised Arts Organisation, we provide a number of ways to exhibit artworks, join our community and shape the direction of cultural events and productions.

Following the example from our inspirational Muse0 friends, our first entry to governance will be through donation to the ArtSect DAO NFT collection, governed by the whole community.

We also offer this curatorial influence to our exhibited artists from IRL and metaverse exhibitions.

3. #Curator

Each curatorial pod is led by one of our Core MultiSig Team with governance NFTs distributed to the pod members. Other members of ArtSect will also include members of other DAO advisory groups through our Meta-Governance DAO-to-DAO partnerships.

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