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To ensure an expert and diverse structure for DAO-to-DAO collaboration


Our new digital renaissance is driven by a digital nomadic ecosystem of amazing minds and creative action takers. Our hearts our in the consumer IOT meta level of web3 Arts and Culture experiences and metaverse technology.


Our Meta-Governance model incorporates our inspirations and collaborators to become true partners. As applicable pods from the DAO may wish to delegate their voting to other expert DAO groups who wish to join the Decentralized Arts Organisation. Whether legal, technology or a community partner we prefer the 'more than the sum' collaborations between DAO groups and the people that lead them.

DAO Incubation

With our IRL level interaction with Arts and Technology groups in London and our PopUp events, our education, onboarding and obsession with DAOs rubs off! We have initiated the process to evolve several traditional artist collectives to the DAO system. We will also be helping them with the same Meta-Governance process that our collaborators helped us with:)

We have several more of these ventures under incubation in our R&D department at any time.

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