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Decentralized, Diverse, and Disruptive: ArtSect is Driving the Arts Movement of the Future

At ArtSect, we are harnessing the power of Web3 technology to foster collaboration and dialogue between communities.

Young millennials clearly remember the eerie creak that came with dialing up to the internet. All of us remember having to stop “surfing the web” because someone in the house needed to use the phone. As we got older, broadband replaced dial up and the internet, once only for reading web pages, became a tool for communicating with the world. This revolution in the internet, known as Web2, connected the world, transformed work, and brought about political revolutions.

Just like Web2, a new force is sweeping the tech world, and has the potential to drive radical inclusivity and equality. While Web2 democratized communication and information, Web3 goes even further; and it has the potential to upend society’s organisations, hierarchies, and systems of value.

Who is ArtSect?

We are The Decentralized Arts Organization; a collective of East London artists working in the fine and digital arts. We are the first DAO operated gallery in the world to be based both in a physical space and in the open metaverse. Hailing from all four corners of the globe, our London-based team is focused on promoting diversity and global accessibility through the power of the open metaverse, DAO, and NFT’s.

Simply put, we’re spearheading the #decentralisedartsmovement.

At our core, we are about freedom and collaboration; and technology is helping us realize our values. Born from organic collaboration in the artist warehouses of North and East London, ArtSect’s collective NFT-based DAO is a natural extension of our structure and ethics: decentralized, diverse and disruptive.

In the last seven months, ArtSect has gone from a conversation to a construction site to a fully operational gallery. Our events have attracted hundreds and gained attention around the world. We have collaborated with leading institutions, including University College London and University of the Arts London, and been featured in leading arts magazines including ID. We are travelling overseas to exhibit in two art fairs and an exhibition for Art Basel Miami week. We plan to launch our DAO by the end of 2021 and are working in collaboration with Typeone Realities to design and build the open metaverse. If that can be achieved in seven months, imagine what the next seven years will bring.

Get involved

ArtSect is a collective, and we are always looking for excited and innovative ideas, projects, and people. There are three DAO pods on which you can join depending on your interests: an artist, a curator, or a patron. Submit your work, help manage our DAO, or simply support us through buying our $ARTSECT token. No matter how you get involved, your contribution drives the Web3 sustainability loop.

Dial-up or Broadband?

Like most changes, the Web3 technology raises more questions than it does answers. What will a Web3 based world look like? How will we interact with it? How will it affect our culture?

It unsettles us too.

But we would rather be unsettled by broadband than have all the answers on dial-up.

Come be confused. Be angsty. Ask questions. We welcome it.

What are you waiting for? Be part of the movement...

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