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Decentralized Arts Organization

How does ArtSect operate?

ArtSect Gallery is a phygital NFT dedicated exhibition space with the mission to promote and facilitate creative processes using web3 technologies. It was founded with a decentralised and collaborative approach to foster culture and dialogue between communities. The curatorial ethos involves community building, gallery takeovers, creative collectives and solo artists. ArtSect takes the shape of its projects and collaborations, becoming a catalyst for physical and virtual innovation.

We activate creative ideas, exhibitions and immersive interactive experiences in the public realm IRL, in the metaverse or with a Phygital Blend. The Sect council is made up of experts from all corners of the creative media industries and a strategic roadmap to becoming a powerful catalyst in the global Decentralised Arts Movement. Our decisions are made as a collective. Other members of ArtSect will also include members of other DAO advisory groups through our Meta-Governance DAO-to-DAO partnerships.

We are incubating NFT projects in-house, helping launch several metaverse worlds and governing a diverse treasury of DAO and token lead NFT projects. As crypto native creatives we collaborate first hand in the DAO-to-DAO ecosystem and secondly in the realm of public education and onboarding into the wider blockchain ecosystem.

ArtSect growth web:

We will focus our initial expansion in these key areas:

  • Decentralised Arts education & onboarding

  • NFT / Metaverse Activations and Exhibition experiences

  • DAO-to-DAO support

  • Social Tokens & DeFi-NFTs

  • Play-to-Earn and Staked communities

  • Governance Mining

  • Reserve token

  • RWA wrappers

Can I join the ArtSect DAO council?

Yes, there are three distinct ways to currently get involved with ArtSect DAO depending on your interests.

1. #ReGen

Support us via our JuiceBox crowdfunding tool to join the ArtSect DAO and help us push forward the #DecentralizedArtsMovement:

2. #Artist

Send your submissions to the #Share-your-work channel on Discord

3. #Curator

Join our Discord to find out about our public exhibitions, meet the team and share ideas. You will hear about our secret NFTicketed events and get early access to our updates via airdropping gated tokens 🔮

Follow the white rabbit into the metaverse…

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