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9 Sep 2021 – 19 Sep 2021


ArtSect Gallery presents Visceral Bodies by fashion photographer and image-maker Mika Kailes, curated by Nimco Kulmiye Hussein. 


Produced, styled and photographed by Mika Kailes, Visceral Bodies unpicks the layers of the human form through dialogic acts between the body and garment, emphasising the ways in which they become an extension of the body, eventually transforming it. 


Juxtaposing natural and artificial elements, the project creates an interplay between organic and seemingly unnatural forms and their coexistences. The imagery, full of references, is not singular and isolated or lacking in external insight. The interaction is continued from these images seen through the lens of the camera to the subjects intensifying the collective imagination.


Visceral Bodies reawakens interconnections between the original and the reproduced by introducing powerful documentation of modes of temporality that remind of the endless ways a fashioned body is being or moulded into becoming ‘a certain kind’. Moments of expression, reflection and projection are not only shared but in symbiosis with the gazes that contribute to transformations of the human figure through its cycle of life.


Artificial Intelligence by Claudia Rafael

Sound Design by Luke Clayton Thompson

Projection mapping by


Featuring Fredrik Tjaerandsen, Bradley Sharpe, Leevi Ikäheimo, Christine Ha, Ru-Yenn Kwok, Lamp Lee, Pierre-Louis Auvray, Francois-Xavier Lefebvre, and Megumi Matsuno.

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