FUTR E*SHCK: The PHYGITAL Exhibit | ALTERRAGE x ArtSect x Typeone

23 March 2022 - 13 April 2022

ArtSect Gallery is pleased to present the launch of FUTR E*SHCK, an exhibition and future shop concept by the first decentralised fashion label ​​Alterrage. The exhibition can be visited both IRL at ArtSect Gallery and online in the digital realm, expanding the boundaries of immersive art and the dimensions in which virtual fashion can exist. 


Alterrage was founded by american designer and entrepreneur Lauren Kacher, also known as KALAU and is the first decentralised Web 3.0 fashion label; an affinity founded on co-creation, circular transparency, Web 3.0 values and activism. With their seasonal collections of PHYGITAL fashion products, Alterrage is redefining the fashion industry by optimising products through a socially and environmentally engaged lens. Alterrage create interoperable seasonal editions, wearable in physical (In Real Life), augmented (On Real Life), and digital (Larger Than Life) worlds, calling this formula, METARALITY : IRL + ORL = LTL. 


'Future Shock' is the term Toffler gave to trauma that happens as a result of going through great changes in a short time. In his book he explores how people can adapt to the changes they face, and whilst doing so can establish a new social norm to ultimately embrace change. FUTR E*SHCK by Alterrage reinterprets this idea through an eco-activist lens by connecting seemingly unrelated subjects of 3D creation, fashion and e-waste through a compelling message.


E-waste or electronic waste is electronic equipment that’s outdated, unwanted or broken. This includes everything from smartphones to end-of-life refrigerators. Disturbingly we only recycle 10% of our e-waste globally and the 90% that we don’t reuse ends up being incinerated, illegally traded or in landfill. 


Compelled to bring attention to this cause, Alterrage partnered with three motion graphic artists: NGHTWLK (Matthew Davies), YELLOSESAME (Jeffrey Huang), and MSISTEMA (Marc Ferrer) to build digital environments filled with larger than life, electronic-inspired scenes and fashion; coupled with an informative call to action.


To bring authentic information and fundamental solutions to the e-waste cause, Alterrage has partnered with The National Stewardship Action Council (NSAC): a network of committed proponents comprised of governments, non-government organizations, businesses, and consumers who advocate that producers fairly share responsibility in a circular economy and promote the mission of preventing e-waste. 10% of the Alterrage edition sales are donated to aid their cause.